2005 Bead Challenge

Bead Your Own Name Badge


You must be a member of the Indiana Bead Society to enter.

New name tag holders were mailed out to you with a past newsletter. A 3x4 plastic hanging soft vinyl with an elastic band . The project is to replace the elastic band with a beaded any style any type of bead necklace. (Do not forget to put a clasp on it or make it long enough to go over your head.) You might even consider punching some small holes in the card holding area and bead the sides and or bottom, add beaded fringe or what ever clever ides you can come up with.

Members will vote and prizes will be awarded during the December Christmas Meeting

There will be one $25 prize for the best overall and one $25 prize for the most creative or unusual.


Deadline for the Bead Challenge is December 14

Past Bead Challenge Photos


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