2012 Bead Challenge

The Elements

You must be a member of the Indiana Bead Society to enter.

The Challenge:

The challenge this year was created by last year's winner, Francie Broadie. Below is a picture of her winning piece.


Earth, fire, water, and air, these four elements sustain all life on our planet. Here is your chance to pay homage to your favorite element. This year’s challenge is to create something representing one of the four elements. To level the playing field a bit, we are starting from kits this year. Each kit is $10 and contains a focal piece, some accent beads and at least 20 grams of size 11 seed beads. There are kits representing each of the four elements. You must use the focal piece, and at least 50% of the beads in the kit, but feel free to add your own beads to the mix. Remember, this is a challenge, try to think beyond just stringing everything up. Paint your pendant or cut it up into different parts, be creative. Most of the supplies were procured at Michaels so if you need a few more accent beads to complete your masterpiece, that’s where you can find them.



The challenge pieces are due at the December Bead Society meeting, and judging will take place at that meeting.

There will be 4 prizes awarded:

1st place - IBS Visiting Artist Workshop Class

2nd place - Spring Workshop, Full Day Class

3rd place - Spring Workshop, Half Day Class

4th place - IBS Annual Membership


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Past Bead Challenge Photos

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