2016 Bead Challenge

The Heart of Why You Bead

The Challenge:

Do you ever think about why you bead? Is it the feel of the beads; do they 'talk to you' telling you what they want to be; is it the fellowship derived in learning from like-minded people; is it the shape or color of the beads that bring you joy - maybe it's all of the above. Purchase a polymer clay Heart focal, designed by IBS member Vicki Hoffman, for $5 to incorporate in a design of your choosing using your own beads and express what is at the heart of why you bead..

Maybe you like stringing; bead weaving; or bead embroidery. Perhaps you sculpt with other types of clay or fabric. Let your imagination take you to your bead place to create a piece of jewelry, an accessory, a picture . . . . What you do with the heart focal is up to you as long as your finished project contains at least 30% beads.

Categories for Judging

Novice, Professional, Best of Show


Project deadline was February 2017 bead meeting. You must be a member of the Indiana Bead Society to enter.


Novice - 1-year membership to Indiana Bead Society

Professional - a paid class for the Spring Workshop (kit not included)

Best of Show - 1 day of class(es) at Fall Visiting Artist Workshop (kit not included)

Photos of Entries from the 2015 Bead Challenge


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