February Meeting:
Jazz Up Your Jeans
with Francie Broadie




Wednesday, February 17
7:00 PM

(Board meeting at 6:00 PM)

Pike Township Library (map)
6525 N. Zionsville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN



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The Program:

Jazz up your jeans.. or shirt, or tote bag, or ...Add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. Bring an old or new pair of jeans, a non-stretchy shirt, a tote bag or even a piece of woven fabric. Francie Broadie will teach a basic bead embroidery technique that can be done quickly. Multiple designs will be available, but feel free to bring your own ideas or magazine clippings for inspiration. (There will be florals, hearts, and a few silly choices.)




Francie Broadie











* Jeans, a shirt, a purse, tote bag or fabric to make a pillow or bag (No stretchy material. Jeans can have a little stretch, but no knits.)

* Size 11 seed beads in your desired colors.

* Sharp needle, size 10 long

* Nylon beading thread either Nymo D or C-lon D to match the garment

* Scissors, Wax, Bead Mat

If you plan to wash your garment, you will need to test your beads for colorfastness. Put a few beads in a dish of hot soapy water and leave them there for an hour or two. Rinse the beads. If they are not the same color as when they went in, don't use them. Dyed or color lined beads are not good for this project. If you plan to dry clean the garment test the beads by putting them in nail polish remover. The same rules apply.




Come in the main door and make an immediate left.



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