2008 Bead Challenge

Pick A Color and Go With It!

You must be a member of the Indiana Bead Society to enter.

The Challenge:

Monochrome: it does not have to be boring. Choose a color, any color. One you love, or one you don’t or even one whose presence in your bead stash you would like to reduce. Texture, scale, variety, stitching techniques and your imagination - use them all to wow us. We will have the judging and the voting at our November 19 / December 17 meeting.

1. Choose one of the 12 basic hues (there are 12 hues in the color wheel) and go with it. You may stay with one hue or you may choose to incorporate one of the following three options:

A. You may also use its analogous color. (If you choose green, you may also use blue green and yellow green.) or

B. You may also use its complementary color. (If you choose green, you may use red.) or

C. You may also add black or white in addition to the chosen color.

2. No solid back, white or shades of gray.

3. Your entry must be at least 75% beads.

Monochromatic is a color scheme that uses a single hue. For example: red and its varying tints and shades. A tint of a color is made by adding white. A shade is made by adding black.

“When only one hue family is used in a design, it is called a monochromatic design; there are many color possibilities within one hue family…In a monochromatic design any of the colors from a given hue could be used together successfully…Of course, there are many ways to interpret the same hue family monochromatically. There are countless possible combinations of tints, tones, shades, and blends, narrow or wide value ranges, bright and dull colors, all within on hue family.” Taken from Color Works: The Crafter’s Guide to Color by Deb Menz.

Look at this website for basic color wheel theory.

If color and color theory intimidates you as it does me, would you be interested in a colorful workshop? Please send me an e-mail stating your interest by the end of June. If we get enough response, I will set up a one-day workshop in July or August for some emergency education.

There will be three prizes awarded:

1. Best Interpretation of the Theme – There will be one judge for this category. First prize will be free tuition to an IBS Visiting Artist Workshop class.

2. Really Outside the Box – Your imagination will be rewarded by a tribunal. A prize appropriate to the category will be determined later.

3. Peoples Choice – The popular vote of the members present will determine the winner. Third prize will be tuition for one class at the IBS Spring Workshop 2009.

Carol Marlin – 2007 Bead Challenge Winner and Education Chair


Deadline for the Bead Challenge is the December 17 Meeting

Past Bead Challenge Photos


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