2011 Bead Challenge

Art Inspires Art

You must be a member of the Indiana Bead Society to enter.

The Challenge:

Select a piece of art - painting, sculpture, literature, a child's finger painting - that inspires you. Create something with beads based on that piece of art. It could be a literal interpretation or something based on how it makes you feel. Bring a copy of the original art (a picture of it or the actual piece if you're fortunate enough to own it) to the challenge so that we can see your inspiration. Finished piece must be at least 50% beads.


September 21, 2011. Judging and voting will be done at the September 21 meeting.

There will be 4 prizes awarded:

1st place - IBS Visiting Artist Workshop Class

2nd place - Spring Workshop, Full Day Class

3rd place - Spring Workshop, Half Day Class

4th place - IBS Annual Membership


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Past Bead Challenge Photos

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