2016 Bead Challenge

Dyed Fabric & Beads

The Challenge:

Have you ever worked with dyed fabric and combined it with your favorite beads to come up with something unique? Now’s your chance. For $3 you can purchase a multi-colored hand-dyed piece of fabric* or provide your own. What you do with that fabric is up to you as long as your finished project contains at least 30% beads. Think of fiber jewelry, a sculpture, a wall hanging, any type of fashion accessory, etc. Inspiration is found all over the internet.

*You can purchase dyed fabric from quilt and bead artist and IBS member, Carol Marlin . You can email Carol at cemarlin@sbcglobal.net or see her at our monthly meetings.


Project deadline was February 2016 bead meeting. Prizes include free memberships, free Spring Workshop class and free Visiting Artist class.

You must be a member of the Indiana Bead Society to enter.

Photos of Entries for This Year's Challenge


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